Zayne Pie

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Zayne Pie
Grandpa Zayne Pie.PNG
Zayne with his pet Shocktopus.
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction ?
Level 500
Status Living on Club Penguin Island
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date January 25th, 1940
Death date April 2, 2012 (aged 72)
Occupation Retired
Interests Books, Puzzles, Shocktopuses
Friends Feey1 Pie, Fisch
Enemies None
Archetype None(he switches time to time)

Zayne Pie is the father of Garmield Pie, and is the grandfather of Feey1 Pie.


Child Hood[edit]

Zayne Pie was born on January 25th, 1940, in Olde Antarctica in the Fire Kingdom. His family was very wealthy and lived in a large mansion. He grew up with little friends, because most of them were just friends for his wealth. He loved school while growing up, and seemed to study all the time. He and his dad had a great relationship. His dad was a scientist, and always came home looking like an exploded cartoon character. Zayne took an interest in the piano when he was 6 years old, so his mom singed him up for lessons. He was very good at the piano, and was considered A born pianist.

Teenage Years[edit]

Zayne still loved mechanics and science during his teenage years, but started to be called a dork a lot. Zayne would always come home with bruises and blood stains on his shirt. He said he wanted to be home schooled, and his mom said she didn't have the time to teach him. But Zayne refused to go to school, so his mom hired a private teacher for him. The teacher was Miss Fondue, and she was really nice. Zayne learned so much about mechanics science, and was starting to help his dad at work.

Adult Years[edit]

When Zayne turned 18 and graduated he moved to the Ice Kingdom, and opened up a car dealership/repair shop. He was really good at it, but the business soon went bankrupt. So he decided to teach a science class at a school, but none of the schools needed him. Zayne was really depressed that the jobs that suited him, did not work. So he did a little research and learned that the schools were going out of business, from a lack of funds. So he instantly took the chance and started to plan for a new school. He would call it A+ High. He got many funds for it and opened up the school. He was a principal and teacher. The school was very popular, though many penguins questioned there being an 18 year old principal.

Bounty Hunter Years[edit]

When Zayne turned 30 years old he became a bounty hunter. He left A+ High and trained for the police force. As soon as he had the skill he left the force, and prepared to be a bounty hunter. Five months into it, and he still was not hired. So he took matters into his own hands. He spent most of his time watching the streets and alley ways, and whenever he saw a robbery he would tackle the robber. He would then leave his phone number on the criminal's forehead, and disappear. He got a call from a sheriff a week later. The sheriff explained that they had been looking for that criminal for a month! Zayne soon became a famous bounty hunter across Antarctica, and started to get hired by officers. He took down criminals with his ninja skills, and weapons.

Elderly Years[edit]

When he turned around 62 or 64 he was elderly and lived with his wife Grandma Jemma Pie and his youngest son Dr Isaac Pie. He also lived with his pet Shocktopus, Benny and his four puffles. He said to his son Professor Isaac Pie that before he passes, he will give his pets, mansion and gifts down to him.

Ninja Skills[edit]

When Zayne was 25 he met one of The Five Senseis. Zayne never told what sensei it was that trained him, and how he met that sensei. The only thing that people know is that Zayne learned extremely quickly, and was a black belt in only a month. He had many, many Card Jistu Cards. In fact he was so powerful his sensei was afraid he would over throw him. Zayne is still extremely good at Card Jistu, and his Black Belt sits in a glass case in his mansion.


Zayne is a very kind penguin, but sometimes can't control his anger. He is not a 'good guy nor 'bad guy'. He is a traitor, to each side. He has always made deals, then has turned of that person. This has made many penguins hate him, and want to kill him. In fact he has done so much of it both sides completely hate him now. He also likes to get revenge, and play jokes on his grandson.



As a teenager Zayne was a waiter at a fast food restaurant, but when he graduated he left the job and opened a car dealership/repair shop. Then he became principal of A+ High, only to leave it to become a bounty hunter. After his bounty hunter years he went back to A+ High.

Here is a list of jobs he has had(in order of happening):

  1. Waiter
  2. A Car Repair Man
  3. Principal
  4. Bounty Hunter
  5. Principal


Zayne has made a large amount of inventions in the past, some of them being really popular throughout Antarctica. Most of his inventions involve time travel and translators.

Here is a list of his inventions.

  • Fluffy Translator
    • Used to translate fish's words.
  • Robot Crab
    • It was going to be used at a Club Penguin party, but was put down.
  • Time Portal Gun
    • It's used to open a portal and go through time. Without the hassle of a large time machine.
  • Reality Game
    • A mask that you wear to play video games. It makes penguins feel like their IN the game.
  • Coffee Machine/Milk Shake Machine
    • It's a coffee machine, and a milk machine in one. It failed when it exploded in Zayne's kitchen one day.


Zayne is a part of The Pie Family, which is quiet small. But he lives far away from family members, so he doesn't spend much time with them.

Grandma Jenn Pie[edit]

His beloved wife Jemma Lexo Pie.


Zayne has had 100 pet puffles in his entire past. He always adopt a new one each year.

Here is a list of his current puffles.

  • Einstein
    • A smart brown puffle who loves milk shakes, and french fries. He helped Zayne build his palace, and sometimes runs off to Gary's office.
  • Emily
    • A small pink puffle who surprisingly does not like sports. She is very lazy and can almost always be seen on the couch with a bag of potato ships.
  • Franky
    • Named after Penguin Band member Franky, this blue puffle loves to play guitar and sing. He likes to eat vegetables, and O Berry smoothies.
  • Derek
    • He is a red puffle and the only puffle in the house that cannot speak. He likes to play basketball, and read surfing magazines.

Puffle Gallery[edit]

Other Pets[edit]

Zayne also has a pet Shocktopus named Benny. Benny was adopt in 2011, when Zayne found him washed up on shore. Zayne saved Benny and kept him as his pet, though it is against the law to keep Shocktopuses as pets.


  • He is now in his 70's.
  • He has a pet Shocktopus named Benny.
  • His mansion is at the top of one of the mountains in Club Penguin.

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