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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand PRINT!
Gender Female
Race R63-Antibody
Health A lot.
Level 25
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date When Zeno124 got the R63-Virus
Occupation Actress
  • Acting
  • Making friends
Enemies No one. Literally NO ONE.
Archetype Good... in fact, possibly the nicest penguin on Club Penguin

Zena124 is the extremely perky R63-Antibody of Zeno124. She is possibly the perkiest penguin on her home island, as she never, ever feels angry or mad. She is friends with literally everybody, even Xeno124, Zeno's X-Antibody. She is so nice that she isn't even against Mwa Mwa Penguins!

Zeno is good friends with her and usually uses her in movies if he needs someone to play himself.


Zeno caught the R63-Virus while his film studio was in the process of building. The construction workers had ran inside the incomplete building in fear as Zena escaped from Zeno's mouth.

At first, Zeno was incredibly scared, but then started to not like Zena because she had so much perkiness, but Zeno soon realized that he could use her for movies.

Getting Infected[edit]

Zeno is talking to a construction worker, who is in the process of renovating Zeno's igloo.

Zeno: Yeah, that brick looks good enough. Put it on, then.

The worker is about to put the brick on the unfinished wall when Zeno keeps coughing.

Worker: Zeno? Are... are you okay?

Zeno: ahem... Yeah, I'm fine. Just a cold, I guess--

Zeno starts coughing again, and mist starts coming out of his mouth.

Worker: Oh no... the R63! Guys, get inside!

The mist forms into what looks like a girl version of Zeno.

Zena: Hello there! You look exactly like me. That's because you caught the R63-Virus!

Zeno: Who the heck are you? And what's the R63-Virus?

Zena: It's, like, a virus that creates an opposite-sex clone of whoever catches it. Man, I want to go meet some penguins! Be right back! giggles

And Zena runs away, soon to be friends with literally everybody.


Zena looks exactly like Zeno, but with longer hair and a blue skirt rather than shorts. She also has a small light blue bow in her hair. During movies where she plays Zeno, she puts her hair in a pony tail and keeps the pony tail out of sight of the camera. She puts on shorts rather than a skirt and gets voiced over by Zeno.


As you can see above, she is extremely perky and tries to be friends with every penguin on the island. It's mentally impossible for her to be angry or hate someone (although she has been sad a few times). She isn't against Mwa Mwa Penguins and doesn't care that they're mentally insane, but she just wants to hang out with them. Since they're evil creatures, they don't listen to her at all.


  • Despite her being able to be sad, she doesn't like it and always tries to stay happy no matter what.
  • Whenever Zeno is about to go on a special-causing adventure, he tries to bring Zena along, but she always refuses.



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