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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Zeno124's theme!

Zeno124 (New).png
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Not much.
Level 70 (as he claims), 25 (in reality)
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Fourth Wall See below.
Birth date November 18, 1997 (1997-11-18) (age 22)
Place of birth Club Penguin Island
Death date November 28, 2067 (age 70)
Death place Fire Dojo
Cause of death Burning in lava
Feather color Blue
Hair color Brown
Citizenship Club Penguin
Catchphrase Well, er, when you see a penguin-shaped bag and there is no one moving in it... well, uh, sometimes it means there's a dead person it that bag. Well, I'm just guessing. I mean, I can still look in it... right?
Interests Video games, making and acting in movies
X-Antibody Xeno124
Archetype Good
Codename Bigmouth (formerly)

Zeno Wontafor (born in 1997 and known by his director alias Zeno124) is a carefree blue penguin who works as a director. When not directing, he enjoys leisurely time or going on adventures with his best ninja and DJ friend Dev66 and pet red Puffle Apple.

Secretly, Zeno124 is an agent that works in the Elite Penguin Force in the Gamma Division. His main job is surveillance, interrogations, and spy work.


Tough Beginning[edit]

Zeno was born on November 18, 1997. His mother was named Blossom and his father was named Hurricane. At 9 months, he first started talking. His parents were surprised at this, because they thought he was the earliest penguin to ever speak. No one ever believed them when they said so. This made Zeno very upset.

Zeno went through many tough times. For example, his parents fought a bit and got divorced. The only good thing about the situation was that, when he moved into Blossom's igloo, Zeno's life seemed to get better.

At the age of 3, Blossom gave Zeno a video camera. Being a chick, Zeno had no idea how to use it. Blossom decided to save it for when he was older. She tried to swipe the camera back into her hands, but Zeno was grasping onto the camera as hard as he could. Blossom decided that Zeno would keep it. She knew he would eventually figure out how to use it.

Zeno's older sister also lived with him and helped him through tough times not involving his parents. When he went to middle school, he got bullied and his sister said if she were allowed to, she'd hurt them in every way.

What's this square thing?

Meeting a Friend[edit]

When he went to Club Penguin High School at the age of 15, Zeno met Dev66, an orange penguin who was obsessed with music and also happened to be a professional music maker. Dev66 suddenly started calling him Zeno124, so Zeno stuck with the nickname for the rest of his life.

Later on, Zeno124 started a WaddleTube channel. Dev66 helped him post remixes of songs on it. But Zeno124 knew something was missing from his channel: videos. So he got his video camera from when he was three and started making videos and movies.

Zeno made so much movies and videos that he decided he would start playing some video games on his channel. He got obsessed with them very quickly.

Dream Job[edit]

Zeno did know, though, that he would need to leave the nest eventually, like all penguins do. So, at the age of 16, he moved away from home just after his sister did. Blossom thought she'd be alone after this, so she started dating, but she wouldn't tell who she was dating until their actual wedding.

So Zeno moved on and looked for a job. He decided right away that he wanted to be a director. So he got a job at the Stage. He also acted in some of his movies, but he felt like something--or someONE, that is, was missing.

He called up Dev66, who was at a music store, and told him to come to the Stage immediately. Dev did this, and was surprised that Zeno was a director now. Ever since then, Zeno124 and Dev66 were best friends and made many movies together.

EPF Life[edit]

After Zeno124 got a job as a director, he got a letter from an unknown penguin that said they would like for him to join the EPF. He didn't exactly know what this "EPF" was, so he decided to look around.

His eyes caught on the Everyday Phoning Facility. Was this the EPF? It had the same first letters of each word. Everyday Phoning Facility. This made sense, so Zeno decided to go in.

He was in a completely gray room with a giant fan above it. There was also a TV screen on the wall. The TV screen asked Zeno to do all these weird tasks, like playing hide-and-seek with the camera, and other weird stuff.

Then a door opened in the corner. It had a sign that said "EPF" above it. It was what Zeno was looking for this whole time. He walked through the door and it closed behind him. Another door opened in front of him. Zeno was transported into a room filled with things that were so high-tech for him to handle; the only technology he's seen in his whole life is a camera, a laptop, and a few TV screens.

Then a blue penguin with a lab coat and weird glasses walked up to him. "Welcome to the Elite Penguin Force," he said.

Then Zeno realized that it wasn't the "Everyday Phoning Facility" that wanted him. It was the Elite Penguin Force.

The Stage's Destruction[edit]

In the middle of May of 2015, Zeno found out that the Stage was being renovated. This, however, didn't end very well; in fact, it lead to a total destruction of the Stage. This caused Zeno to enter a long-lasting depression.

Zeno decided on one thing: to quit his job of being a director. Since the Stage was the only type of studio in Club Penguin, he had literally no replacement.

After a while, new construction started for a mall rather than another Stage. This made Zeno enter an even more depressing depression, which lead to Zeno staying in his igloo and doing normal non-director things (aside from his EPF work). He also put SnowBob CirclePants on a huge hiatus until he found a replacement Stage.

After a while, if it hadn't been for the EPF, Zeno would be broke. Because of the Stage not being a part distraction, he spent nearly all of his time on the EPF, and got better and better and handling things in it. He was mainly used for interrogating and surveillance, as he needed something to do that was similar to recording. He started to lose the nickname "Bigmouth" as he started to understand the basic rules of being an agent.

New Horizons[edit]

Eventually Zeno spent full-time at the EPF, sometimes hanging out with Dev. The EPF was certainly something he was into, but penguins who noticed his sudden disappearance started to get concerned.

In July of 2016, he noticed this concern and decided to do something about it. He had gained a lot of coins from working at the EPF; so much that he decided that he could renovate his igloo into a film studio. With a lot of work from construction workers, he had eventually succeeded this dream and came back to his directing business. He brought back SnowBob CirclePants, but decided to hire the director siblings of the Von Injoface family to direct it so that he could devote more time into making other movies.

The R63-Virus[edit]

On July 28, 2016, when Zeno was in the process of building his studio, he caught the R63-Virus. See more here.

The X-Virus[edit]

On August 21, 2016, when Zeno was filming a movie, he caught the X-Virus. See more here.

The Y-Virus[edit]

On January 14 2017, when Zeno was inspecting a film set, he caught the Y-Virus. See more here.


Zeno124 eventually found out about the Department of Time through being an annoyance and curiously searching through the Director's files. He figures out that in a large amount of decades, he will die by getting burned in lava and that it has something to do with someone committing amicicide.


Zeno124 is a blue penguin that is, as he says, "tall but short". He says this because, when compared to a really tall penguin, he's short, but when compared to a really short penguin, he seems taller. He also has brown hair and wears a sweatshirt with black, white, green, and blue stripes. Zeno claims there are also red stripes, but they are hidden on the inside. This is a lie, because he knows people would never be able to look under his shirt. On his feet he wears blue-and-white sneakers. He calls them his trademark, because he wears them everywhere he goes, even when he is sleeping. Occasionally he wears a golden watch. No one knows where he got it from.


If you look at Zeno for about 3 seconds, and then turn your head back, he will probably look like a very "derpy" penguin. He actually has a great personality, having a good sense of humor and being very friendly.


Zeno has an alter-ego that he turns into when he is crazy at best, usually when he does things like sticking his tongue out for a long period of time or going cross-eyed. Crazeeno basically just acts crazy, usually screaming random words such as "blah" and "derp".

While in this "mode", Zeno will also do strange things, such as sitting in a beach chair, putting on his bathing suit, and saying "Servants, bring Zeno a drink." Usually this happens when Dev66 is around, but it just makes him leave.

Another possibility can be Zeno screaming several symbols, which makes other penguins confuse him for Mabel. Especially since he screams the symbols that Mabel commonly screams, like "", "♨", and "☎". Unlike Mabel, though, he doesn't know how to say "ண", so he just pauses for a bit and says "SPRINGY THINGY!!!"

A terrifying thing that no one likes is that Zeno can have a possibility of acting like a Mwa Mwa Penguin. He goes to the Pet Shop and sits next to one. Then he says "is cutest pookie ever" to try to convince penguins to buy him like normal Mwa Mwas. The Mwa Mwas catch him, though, and say, "ur too old to be pookie". Another Mwa Mwa can say "needs duh duh". Zeno might respond to this by saying "i not duh duh!" Then, another Mwa Mwa might be annoying and say "dude ur too old to be here".

When Zeno exits this mode, penguins ask him what happened, but he just ask what the heck they were talking about and moves on with his day.

Fourth Wall[edit]

On certain occasions, mainly adventures or special events, Zeno will hear voices in his head. However, he is ignorant about them and sometimes casually talks to them, but has no idea that the Bureau of Fiction is what is talking to him. He can also use plot devices like Hammerspace, Deus Ex Machina, etc. and is able to thoroughly explain them, but isn't aware of how or why they exist.


Dev Melda[edit]

Zeno and Dev are and have been best friends for a while. They are basically a movie-music duo, as Dev writes and produces songs and music for Zeno's movies. They go on adventures together too (usually accompanied by Apple), presented in several stories in the fanon universe.


Apple is Zeno's pet puffle, but the relationship between them is more than that; Apple usually goes on adventures with Zeno and Dev (though he pretty much hates Dev) and he usually plays a useful role in the trio. Overall, Apple is one of Zeno's best friends, too.


Zeno and GhostieGhost have been enemies since Zeno gave him the nickname "GhostieGhost". Because of this, Ghostie turned Zeno into a ghost, which made them hate each other; the two often meet sometimes and scold each other (Ghostie always wins the arguments because he ends up turning Zeno into a ghost... again).


Xeno is Zeno's x-antibody. The two have grown to really hate each other, and Zeno considers Xeno to be an annoyance in lots of situations; whenever the two meet, Xeno always pulls some sort of mean prank on his host.


Zena is Zeno's R63-antibody. At first, Zeno thought Zena was pretty annoying since she is happy and perky and friends with everyone no matter what; however, Zeno has grown to like Zena because of the fact that they are pretty similar in personality. Zena usually stars in Zeno's movies where a character plays himself.

Mabel von Injoface[edit]

Zeno has heard of Mabel and her tendency to be mean to everyone. He sometimes puts references to Mabel in his show SnowBob CirclePants. One day during the portal incident, he met Mabel in another dimension.

The Cast of Fanon Characters Special 2016![edit]

The portal incident had a group of penguins that included Zeno (obviously), Wikipenguino45, the Flipplings, Mabels XIX and XX, the SPB, Falco, and Happyface141 trapped in another dimension. These penguins and puffles grew to be friends with each other (except, of course, the two Mabels) after their adventure.


  • Zeno124 is obsessed with the color blue, probably because he is blue himself.
  • Zeno124 is the only blue penguin in his family. His mother is aqua, his father is green, and his sister is peach.
    • No one knows how they got such different colors.
  • Zeno124 had many other jobs besides directing when he was 14. These include being a soccer player (he got kicked off the team for punching the referee in the face), working at the Coffee Shop (he got fired for spilling coffee on someone's head), and being a DJ at the Dance Club (he got fired for turning the music up way too high).
  • When he is mad, Zeno124 bites on anything in range of 5 or less inches. (He bites his laptop keyboard a lot. It now has no W, H, or 8 key.)
  • People often confuse Zeno124 with the Director. This is because he is an EPF agent and is also a director at the Stage.
  • Zeno124 created SnowBob CirclePants.
  • Zeno124 is scared of GhostieGhost because he once tried to turn him into a ghost.
  • Zeno124 appears as a Hidden character in Penguin Kart 3: Race Through Time. His character is included in a downloadable content pack, along with Snow, SnoX, Wikipenguino45, and Penguinpuffdude.
  • Zeno124 is one of TwoZenos124's three characters that are based on real Club Penguin characters.
    • The other two are Dev66 and Apple.
    • The reasoning behind him being a real character is that Zeno124 is the name of TwoZenos124's penguin in the game.


Individual Quotes[edit]

  • "Well, er, when you see a penguin-shaped bag and there is no one moving in it... well, uh, sometimes it means there's a dead person it that bag. Well, I'm just guessing. I mean, I can still look in it... right?" --Zeno124's catchphrase when he is investigating a crime.
  • "BAI!" --Zeno124's way of saying goodbye.
  • "Well, that was easier than I thought!" --What Zeno124 says when he thinks something was easy.
  • "Places, please! Or areas. Whatever you want to call them. Okay, 3, 2, 1, ACTION!" --Zeno124's catchphrase when he is starting to film a movie.
  • "Aww, dipfricks!" --What Zeno124 says when he makes a mistake.


(Zeno and Dev are at the Pizza Parlor.)

Zeno: Are you gonna order?

Dev: Um, no, I thought you were.

Zeno: I don't have enough money.

Dev: Neither do I.

Walward (behind counter): I do.

Dev: (turns to Walward) Hand it over.

Walward: No, why should I?

Zeno: Dev, stop it, we can just go to the Coffee Shop.

Dev: Why?

Zeno: They have pizza-flavored coffee for only 20 coins!

Dev: ...well... why didn't we just go there...?

Zeno: A feeling deep down told me to come here.

Xeno: (in the background) Hehehehehe...

(Zeno is doing homework for college. Wait, what?)

Zeno: Dev, what does E equal?

Dev: Why would that be on homework for directing?

Zeno: I dunno. What does E equal?!

Dev: Also, why do you even have homework for directing?

Zeno: can you just answer the ques--

Dev: Also, why do you even have homework for college?


Dev: mc²?

Zeno: No. Oh! I got it! It equals E.

Dev: You're gonna fail.

Zeno: So it equals mc²?

Dev: No, it equals mc squared.

Zeno: That's what I just said.

Dev: Um, no, you said mc². I said mc squared.

Zeno: (confused) Uhh... that's the same thing.

Dev: No it's not! You said mc², I said mc squared.

Zeno: (still extremely confused) THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!

Dev: Yes it does!

Zeno: Okay, just... just... Apple?

Apple: (casually bites Dev on the flipper)

Dev: OWW! Okay, okay, I'll leave.

(Dev is about to get some milk.)

Dev: Zeno, you want some milk?

Zeno: Okay. One glass of malk!

Dev: Stop trying to be like those weird guys in the video.

Zeno: What do you mean? I'm saying "malk" like you are.

Dev: No, I'm saying "milk". M-I-L-K.

Zeno: Just... just get me the malk.

Dev: Let's not get to the point where we have to shoot ourselves.

Zeno: (puts down squirt gun) Okay, fine.