Zero Reverse

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Zero Reverse
Zero Reverse Effect.PNG
The Zero Reverse Effect in action.
National name
Country UnitedTerra
Capital city
Largest city
Formation 2008
Inhabitants No permanent residents
Other info
Population 0
Leader UnitedTerra Parliament
Location North-Western Terrain
Alliances None.
Neighbours None.

Zero Reverse is an uninhabited island off the coast of UnitedTerra. It is used for experimental testing and as a war ground due to it being unsuitable for permanent residents to stay. Many parts of the island is polluted and destroyed.


Zero Reverse was discovered in 2008, with various workers from UnitedTerra sailing to discover nearby land hoping to occupy it. It is located off the South-East coast of UnitedTerra. The place is used as a war ground for wars against other nations. In its early days the island was used for chemical experimenting that left a permanent effect on the island. The island was named Zero Reverse soon after the explosion took place, with zero indicating that no one can live there and reverse to signify the irreversible actions upon the island that resulted into negative effects on nature.

This is known as the Zero Reverse Effect that happened weeks after troops left the city to go in the Great Darktonian Pie War. The city started shaking, and the ground started to split, revealing lava, that was hovering inside. It was stated that the ground the city was on was a flat volcano ground. The top of the volcano was unseen & unknown. Everything began to start splitting and the few inhabitants that were there were quickly evacuated. The splitting stopped 45 hours later and was deemed unsafe for residents to live on.

War ground[edit]

The island was first used as a war ground after the Terra Federation, The Happyface State & Penguin Police Troop declared war over Swiss Ninja for conquering Southwest Slumolia. They considered it was conquered unfairly, and said the he did not get permission from Ninjinian first. This was later cleared as the war, the Giant Swiss-Terrain Cookie War, ended.


  • The island is secretly used as a turbo-racing course by rebels.

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