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Zombie Puffles are ravenous creatures that are almost impossible to stop. They used to be puffles, and there are two ways a puffle can become a zombie.
A Zombie Puffle. The red fur is from before becoming a zombie.

Way One[edit]

This is the most common cause of Zombie Puffles, albeit rare. If a puffle is starving, it will go crazy from pain rather than die, lose consciousness , and try to devour everything, although they prefer flesh. Once it has the nutrition of a normal puffle, it will return back to a normal puffle.

Generally puffles can find food by themselves.

Way Two[edit]

Another way is aging. If the Grim Reapuff fails to kill a puffle, it will suffer extreme pain and become a zombie. Like the starve puffle, it will try to eat anything, but it is incurable.

These puffles are few, since Grim Reapuff is competent in his job. However, ther were a load of Zombie Puffles before he was created. They are locked up in a cell in the Department of Mysteries.

About them[edit]

Zombie Puffles have a healing factor. This is very slow, but it allows them to withstand any injuries. They travel slowly and are easy to outrun, but if they are close to an organism, they will attack quickly.


  • A zombie puffle will never eat another zombie puffle.
  • Xorai is terrified of these and would scream like a girl if ever saw one.
  • Darktan II knows this and is currently starving a bunch of wild puffles to grow an army of Zombie puffles to destroy the world.
  • Zombie Puffles don't have telekinesis. Their telekinetic organ has turned into a pit organ, allowing them to sense heat, to go after animals easier.