Zürich International Airport

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Zurich Airport
Zurich Airport.png
Old Swiss Ninja and his wife, Maddieworld, at the Airport's Grand Opening in 2007.
Key details
Name Zurich Airport
Native name Zurich Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for Zurich Airlines, Pacifica Airlines
Owned/Operated by Snowzerland Airport Authority
Location Zurich
Runway Runway 3R/21L (10,000 ft.)
Runway Runway 3L/21R (10,000 ft.)

Zürich Airport (ACAO code:ZRH) is an international airport located in Zürich, Snowzerland. It is the largest airport on the island.


On October 7, 2007, Swiss Ninja, Mayor off Zurich promised his people that he would build an airport "to reach out into the world and "show the world what Zurich is. So, on November 1, 2007, Swiss Ninja asked for 3.4 billion pebbles from the Federal Government. He got the money and broke the ground on February 7, 2008. On March 17, 2009, the airport opened to the the public, and the first flight was Zurich Air Flight 55, which took-off from the airport at 4:00 pm and arrived in Saint Moritz at 6:00pm that day. The airport continues to get many planes, passengers and airlines to come and fly.


South Satellite Terminal[edit]

  • Zurich Airlines: Boorlin, Wien, München, Drüzeldorf, Inningsbrook, Franktort, Dellaroma, Milano, Awesome City, Parie, Bordeau, Varcelono, Metido, Snowdon, Schipol, Muscovgrad, Polaris, Buenos Suelos, Loma, Santagua (seasonal), Club Penguin City, Frostborough, Pengu Town, Peking, Jokio, Honk Gong, Ulansnowtaar, Fishwow (seasonal), Culldrome Isles
  • Pacifica Airlines - Frostborough, Saint-Mortiz (helicopter only), South Pole City, Club Penguin City, Polaris, Mojave, Wentley, New Club Penguin, Newton Town, Penguville, Pengu Town, Gemini, Snowville, Ninja City, Shiverpool,Satellite City,Neo Domino City,Flystar City,Club Penguin City-International,Ulaansnowtar,Shield City, New Happyface City, Tharntonville, Ross Island, Southern Ocean City, Wentley,New West City, Fishwow,Sunday Harbor,Gentoo Island,Arda,Ard Mhaca, Mhic Lionnai,Auzua Mostique, Cross City, Margate City,Sherbian City, Googolplex, Denes, Afens,Sparka,Japaland-Capital,Palm Island,Mammoth, Fanon City,Hunston,Danton,Los Penguines,Aquarius,TerraMount City,Lichenblossom,Akbaboy City,East Bank City,Parie,Munchen,Milano,Boorlin,Dellaroma, Buenos Suelos

North Satellite Terminal[edit]

  • UTA: New Club Penguin
  • TransAir: Newton Town, Aquarius, Pengu Town
  • AirTerra: Neo Domino City, Satellite City, New Club Penguin
  • CP Airways:Club Penguin City-International, South Pole City-Metro

Cargo Terminal[edit]

  • Penguin Mail Freightways - South Pole City International, South Pole City Metropolitan, Wien, Boorlin, Munchen, Dellaroma, Milano, Fanon City, Frostborough, Ludavest, Schipol, Shiverpool, Frostize, New Con, Parie.


The airport has two terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B.Terminal A operates both international and domestic flights. Terminal A is the largest terminal and is served by 5 airlines, Club Penguin AirFlights, MammothAir, Air Antarctic, Snowball Airlines and Aer Frysland. The terminal has 12 gates, marked 1-12.The airport has six waiting lounges as well.Terminal B operates only international flights, and is served by five airlines, Airlines of New North Etana, UTA. Air Pengolia, Peninsula Airlines and TransAir.The airport is serviced by the Snowzerland Border Agency as well.The airport has a 56 foot air traffic control tower as well.

Passenger terminals[edit]

South Satellite Terminal[edit]

North Satellite Terminal[edit]

Accidents and Incidents[edit]

On August 19,2009, Club Penguin AirFlights Flight 86 , originating from South Pole City, landed near the end Runway 06, and due to icy conditions, the aircraft, a Airhail A330-200 landed in the frigid harbor of Zurich, just behind the runway. All 188 passengers on board, four flight attendants and two pilots were unharmed or had minor injuries, eight penguins were taken to hospital after they had hypothermia when they landed in the water, This incident has been declared '"pilot error"' after air-traffic controllers saw the plane land near the end of the runway, resulting in the National Safety Board to condemn this act.

On December 12, 2009, Mr. Bean, a Str00del Force member from Waffleland reeked havoc in the South Satellite Terminal, causing the areas near Gates 12 to 19 closed, cancelling and delaying at least 12 flights.

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