Zürich University

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Zürich University
Zurich University.png
This is the main building, with the Sports Fields behind it.
Key details
Type Major University
Level 200
Location Froststrasse 33, Zürich, Snowzerland
Inhabitants All Races of Penguins and Puffles

Zürich University is a University in the city of Zürich. It is known for being the most prestegious school in all of Snowzerland Island. Kaiser Swiss Ninja's puffle named Athens is currently the Dean (Principal) of the School.


Lord Swiss Ninja founded this University for his people of Zürich. His puffle, Athens, was set up as the Dean (Principal) of the School. Before the University was made, most penguins had to go to South Pole City to take classes. Most Penguins lived far away from the South Pole, so Lord Swiss Ninja decided to build a University in the city of Zürich.

The Campus of The University[edit]

There are 10 buildings in the whole school. They are labeled from A to F.

Building A[edit]

The Main Office, Health Office, Teacher's Lounge, and The Dean's Office.

Building B[edit]

Architecture Class, Computer Class, Mathematics Class, Science Class, Social Studies Class, Language Arts Class, Foreign Languages Classes, Biology Class, Chemistry Class , and Economics Class.

Building C[edit]

Building C is a Theater. The Acting Class is there.

Building D[edit]

Art Class, Astronomy Class, Forensics Class, Secret Agent Training Class, Elitist Training Class, Music (Singing) Class, Music (Instruments) Class, Teaching Class.

Building E[edit]

The Culinary Class, The Cafeteria, and the Lunchroom.

Sports Center (Building F)[edit]

The Area has all individual fields and courts for each sport. It includes a Pool.

Notable Students[edit]



Expelled or Quit[edit]


Anyone can create and add a new class if they want, just please keep it in alphabetical order.


Teacher: Anton Viluette

Penguins will learn how to act in different ways. Penguins will put on plays like Fairy Fables, The Twelfth Fish, Quest for the Golden Puffle, and more! To pass the class, All penguins in the class must perform a play.

American Football[edit]

Teacher: John, the Jock Penguin

Headed by John, penguins are taught the revered Jock Penguin art of American Football (which is NOT soccer). Penguins learn the game, its terminology, plays, and rules, as well as how to do a football tackle off the field.

This is a sports class, and as such has no prerequisites or items to pass.


Teacher: Frederick Muller

Mr. Muller will teach students how to plan architectural designs accurately. He will help students create architecture that range from the medieval period homes and castles, renaissance palaces, 1800's apartments, and modern skyscrapers and homes. To pass the class, one must pass the final that is taken at the end of the year and create their own original building.


Teacher: Dr. Michael Blathers

Dr. Blathers is from Luzern, he teaches at the Mountain Observatory in Zurich's outskirts. He taught Greg King, a astronomist who discovered the Planet Homer. Dr. Blathers will teach students about the composition of stars, planets, asteroids, and comets and he will teach you about the prominent constellations in the sky. To pass the class, one must pass a written final exam with a 85% or higher.




Teacher: Margaret Steiner

Mrs. Steiner will teach students the sciences of Biology that will involve studying cells, DNA, a brief anatomy overview, ecology, and the animal kingdoms. Students will learn about how each group of living organisms effect the others in the world's food chain. To pass the class, one must pass the Final exam and the Final Lab.


Teacher: Hyperbola Cosine

An immigrant from the USA, Mrs. Cosine will teach students everything about Calculus in her series of Calculus classes. She will make students learn to apply Calculus (integrals, derivatives, etc.) to multiple projects that she assigns. To pass the class, students must at least get a 70% on their final exam for each Calculus class they take. Calculus Classes range from Calculus I to Calculus III, which are always one semester each. Afterwards there is Multi-Variable Calculus I and II, which is also one semester each.


Teacher: Red River 2

Students will learn about the art of Card-Jitsu. Penguins will become smarter Ninjas by both improving their Card Jitsu skills and learning the history of the Senseis.


Teacher: Joseph Argon

Mr. Argon will expose students to the vast world of elements on the Periodic Table. He will teach students about the states of matter, scientific theories, and reactions. In the class, many labs are conducted to enforce what is taught. To pass the class, students must be able to fill up the Periodic Table of Elements from memory and take a written final.



In this class, you learn how to make music on the computer, about designing your own programs, and making videos. To pass, you must make a music video starring The Furry Flats.




Teacher: Lavinia Grünwald

This life science based class teaches students about the environment, food chains and webs, and habitat development. This class involves many field trips around Snowzerland island that explore the Snoss forests, mountains, Zürich Bay, the Limmatt River delta, and the Snoss coast. To pass the class, one has to write an essay and take a written exam and have a passing grade of 80% or more.



The famous stock broker and financial advisor to South Pole City (the city itself, not the Council) heads this class part-time, explaining how stocks work, how to secure your assets, when to buy and when to sell, as well as trends in the markets. He explains supply and demand, business plans, and everything needed for a successful monetary career. He also teaches about loans, buying on credit, promissary notes, bails, bailouts, and fines.

To pass this class, one must compile a stock portfolio and present it to the loopy crustacean for review.

Fire Fighting[edit]


Teacher:Swiss Ninja

The Current leader of Snowzerland was once an unimportant Forensic Scientist. Swiss will teach students how to reveal hidden fingerprints and much more techniques for different Situations. To pass, You must "solve" a fake crime scene and find the penguin responsible.

Foreign Languages[edit]

Here are the Foreign Languages offered at the university:


Teacher: TaliBEAN #247

Talibean #247 teaches the language of Slumalia, Arabic. It is an intensive course, and students will be able to speak and write Arabic in fluency after taking three years of the language. The teacher will expose students to the culture of Slumalia and UnitedTerra, to an extent. Slumalian Literature read in the class is limited, since the Snoss Government tends to censor anti-Swiss Ninja media. To pass the class, one must take a written exam and score a 90 or higher.


Teacher: Johann Von Hauber

German has two separate classes: one for foreigners, and one for native-speaking Snoss citizens who want to become German teachers. The class for foreigners will teach students to write and speak fluent German at the end of their first year. They will be exposed to great politically correct literature written by Swiss Ninja himself. To pass the foreigners' class, one must take a final exam on the knowledge of the language and a comprehension test on the Snoss Propaganda that they have read.

For native speakers who have hopes to become a German teacher, they will be exposed to even more Snoss Propaganda than the foreigners' class and they will also read many books from Alemania's and Osterreach's renaissance period. To pass the class, a Snoss natives will have to take a written final test on their understanding of poetry, literary devices, and comprehension/analysis on books that have been assigned for the class.


Teacher: Finkle Ronald

As a native to the Geek Empire, Finkle Ronald teaches Greek in a Geek accent. He will teach students to speak and write Greek in less than two years fluently. He will expose the vast cultures and enormous amounts of literature (such as the Epic of Pufficus) from both the Geek Empire and Snowprus. To pass the class, one must take two written finals that will quiz students on their knowledge of the language, the cultures of the Geek Empire and Snowprus, and comprehension questions on the books that have been read in class.


Teacher: É-Ée Perre

E-Ee Perre will teach students the language of Finestade Land, Panertin, also known as Catalan in Castilla. E-Ee Perre will teach students the language to a level of fluency in three years while also exposing the cultures of FG and the Castillan provinces of Cataluno and Valenzo. To pass, one must take a written exam and score an 80 or higher in each.

Government and Law[edit]

Teacher: SSS Agent 25764 Professor John Doe

This peculiar professor is an expert on politics. Previously a former Snoss lawyer, Professor John Doe will teach students how to become effective lawyers and politicians in Snowzerland. Students will learn about the Government's history, and they will be loaded with pro-Swiss Ninja propaganda. Students will also learn what will happen to penguins and puffles when they DO say something against the Government. To pass the class, students must take a long, written final exam. Anyone who does not get over 69% is subject to imprisonment in a political labor camp.


Teachers: Pranio Praha and Markus LaFyoo

In this class, you learn about hockey, and get to play it. To pass the class, one must be chosen- by the 2 Snowzerland High Penguins hockey stars, to pass and be eligible for the Major Hockey League draft.

Mabel Loving[edit]


In this class, Babypuff teach you how to love Mabel as much as she does. To pass, you must do a report(Diorama, singing a home made song, ect.) about Mabel. This is the class nobody likes, so most penguins do not choose it. It is the most smallest and most unpopular class in the whole School, there also has been some talk about removing this class due to tight budgets.


Teacher: Sister Alkamesh

The infamous good Sister heads this class, which is held once every month due to busy schedules. In this time, students are taught how to administer vaccines, booster shots, sedatives, use IV-units, sanitize needles, as well as any other item involving injections. They are also schooled in first aid and basic diagnostics. To pass this class, a diagnosis must be correctly given after the nun Sister Alkamesh lists the symptoms. Furthermore, classmates must recieve any vaccinations they have not taken (administered by other students for a grade) and pass a written medical exam.


Teacher: Eric Himmel

In Mr. Himmel's class, students will learn to create works of art out of metals using tools such as the anvil, hammer, band saw, and blow torch. The class will make iron cast sculptures, rings, pendants, tools, and even a sword near the end of the year. To pass the class, almost all the projects must be done decently well and a written final is given.


Teacher: Swiss Ninja's red puffle, Sparta

Sparta will turn all penguins into strong, brave soldiers. Penguins will learn how to be a soldier. They are also trained not to fear the evil puffle Mabel. To pass the class, a penguin must pass the physical exercise test and the written multiple question test. Failure to pass either test will send a student into a Political prison for 5 months.

Music (Instruments)[edit]

Teacher:Furry Flats

In this class, you and your assigned partners become a band. To pass, you must write a song and preform in Building C.

Music (Singing)[edit]

Teacher: Valerie Von Vlaut

Mrs. Von Vlaut, who preferrably calls herself Frau Von Vlaut, individually teaches students to sing and later groups them to form a choir. To pass the class, the students must perform superbly at the Zurich University Christmas Concert.


Teacher: Jean Jacques DuPont

Mr. Dupont will teach students how to paint with watercolors, oil colors, and tempura paint. In his class, students will explore the many movements and eras of painting, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Realism, and Modernism. To pass the class, one needs to paint a good portrait of the teacher himself.


Teacher: Mr. Baron

Mr. Baron will teach students how to fly multiple types of aircraft at the Zurich Airport, where the class has its own hangar. Students will learn to fly prop planes, helicopers, and small decommissioned jet planes. To pass the class, students must learn to fly to Boorlin, Alemania and back without any assistance.

Police Academy[edit]

Teacher: Jakob Rause

Mr. Rause and his team of tack officers will help drill students at Zurich University's Police Academy. Students will have to do rigorous workouts as well as time in the classroom learning about the law. To pass the class, students must pass both the physical and written examinations. Failure to succeed in either of them will send a student to 4 months in a Political Prison.

Puffle Training[edit]


Seafaring (Sailing)[edit]

Teacher: Red River 2

Penguins will learn how to control a ship. They will also learn about the ocean currents and the winds. To pass the class, a penguin must do a multiple question test.



Teacher: SSS Agent 78426 Eyeheart Teeching

This rigorous class trains penguins to be Excellent teachers according to Snoss standards. In order to take the class, students must pass the Government and Law class and take an entrance exam. Students will also recieve pro-Swiss Ninja propaganda and will learn to teach effectively so that it benefits both him and the students. To pass the class, the students must complete a whole semester of being a student-teacher at a nearby Academy and teach a lesson to a classroom filled with professors.



In this class, you learn how to become a tennis champ. To pass, you must beat Maddie at tennis.

Track and Field[edit]

Teacher: Snoss Soldier 4565

This Snoss Soldier will teach students to run like the wind. With the soldier's highly advanced strategy, students will learn to fear him and to run faster than they could ever dream as they try to avoid the soldier's bullets. To pass the class, you must be fast enough not to be injured, deleted or killed by the soldier's bullets.


Teacher: Akbaboy

In this class, you learn tricks, tips, techniques, and how to suceed in triathlon. To pass the class, you must beat Akbaboy in two of the events.